Just Like How You Shouldn't Marry Someone After The First Date.

You shouldn't buy a pillow after trying it for only 10 minutes at the store.

The body takes up to 14 days to see if the new pillow is right for itself, so trying it for 10 minutes at the store is simply not enough!

Trying your pillow at home allows you to properly see how compatible the pillow is with your head & shoulder. 

With our 30-Night Trial, you can try the Butterfly Pillow in the comfort of your own home, so your body has enough time to let you know if the Butterfly Pillow is truly right for you.

If it isn't, you can still return it within 30 days with no questions asked!

How Does It Works

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The 30-Night Trial is automatically included in your order for free!

Start When Arrive

The trial starts on the day the pillow arrives at your door.

Enjoy Your Night

Enjoy the comfort now! You can sleep, dream, or even pillow fight with it if you wanted.

Take 14 Days.

Learn about Adjustment Period. Before you try to return your pillow.

We recommend spending at least 14 days sleeping on the Butterfly Pillow. 

You probably have been sleeping on another pillow every night for the past few years and your body will need time to adjust to your new Butterfly Pillow. The Butterfly Pillow is realigning your cervical spine so please just give it at least 2 weeks' time!

Still wanting to return after using it for 14 days ?

No problem, it is just 3 simple steps!

1. Request to return by filling up the form below

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*Make sure it's still within the 30-Night Trial Period

2. Ship the pillow back to our warehouse. You will get the shipping details once the return request is approved.

3. After our team inspected the returned pillow (Just to ensure the pillow isn't damaged intentionally), you will be refunded in 1-5 business days!

The only truly comfortable pillow on the market is one you can try for 30 days.

Try it out now. It's total risk-free!

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