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Do we really need such an extraordinary pillow. Do we ?

The adults might have been keeping some secrets…

Tired the next day even after getting 8 hours of sleep?
Stiff shoulders and tired muscles? 

It is possibly due to the old, yellowed pillow at home that you still use.

Here at Our Dream Shop

We aim to help you sleep through the night with science. 

From our distinctive butterfly-shaped pillow to the NASA memory foam we use, rest assured that it will be as comfortable as you have ever felt.

Our Dream Shop is the magic cure for all your sleeping problems caused by using a bad pillow. *Poof* All the pain is gone in two weeks! Just like that!


Why Fall In Love When You Can Fall Asleep with Butterfly Pillow

A Pillow to Make Dreams Sweeter Than It Already Is!

Over 10 Thousands Satisfied Dreamers Are Enjoying Good Night Sleep.


We Guarantee You

 Over 10 Thousands Satisfied Happy Dreamers 

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!


Unboxing Time!

Take few minutes to watch how butterfly pillow changed their life!

Youtuber Jing Jing

Jing Jing unboxing and reviewing the pillow, she was amazed by the Premium Memory Foam of the butterfly pillow!Even if the Nissan Almera runs over the pillow, it can still bounce back !

Malaysia Artist Miao Miao

Miao Miao unboxed the Butterfly Pillow and found this pillow to have the right firmness for her. Another thing she really appreciates is the quality of the cover. Very soft, making it an extremely comfortable pillow. She is a back sleeper and it worked perfectly for her, supporting her neck just right with its shape, and no neck pain anymore!

Tattoo Artist Hishiko

Real review from Hishiko & her husband, they suffered from neck problems for a long time, She found this pillow for him because he is constantly balling up his trying for a comfortable position. After receiving this pillow he has had perfect sleep on it. She tried the first night it came in and she slept amazingly. This pillow is a must have for anyone with neck or upper pain!

KOL Dior Da Ying

A funny song made by Dior Da Ying, and it totally describes the characteristics of the Butterfly Pillow. This pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions.

Real Review from Real Customer

Ah Xiang bought this pillow for her dad. This was her dad's first time trying a formed, non-traditional pillow, he really likes the curved part that makes room for the shoulders because the shape of the pillow also relieves shoulder pain, and keeps her dad’s head in a good position and she is happy that he can sleep comfortably.


Risk-Free 30-Night Home Trial

Take 30 nights to sleep on your butterfly pillow. 

Try the Butterfly Pillow in the comfort of your own home so your body has enough time to let you know if the Butterfly Pillow is truly right for you. If it isn't, you can still return it within 30 days with no questions asked!

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